Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Here is a doozy for you today! Check out this fitout by Ukrainian Architects Sergey Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko. The restaurant 'Twister' located in Kiev, has been covered internally in sticks! The Architects wanted to create a very natural feeling to the space which has taken inspiration from Mother Nature quite literally; The interior is double height and seating booths have been built on a single tripod to mimic a tornado, hence the name 'Twister' I suppose! The pendant lights to the ceiling are also to represent raindrops. The furniture and finishes have been selected in earthy tones to add to the feel. I am a little unsure of those armchairs in the bar area. I think they are pretty cool but the orange and peachy colours look a lttle jarring to me. Definitely worth a visit though if you happen to be in Kiev!

images via Dezeen

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