Thursday, February 26, 2015


I thought I would share with you the things I am currently lusting after and saving my pennies for!

1. String Shelving, 2. A beautiful neutral and textured rug, 3. Douglas and Bec Stool in blush leather, 3. A mountain picture; if only I could afford this stunning photo by Brooke Holm and Marsha Golemac, 5. Mr & Mrs White tan leather cushion and 6. The Hay J110 chair

Monday, January 26, 2015


At the moment I am seriously crushing on the beautiful rugs by Broste Copenhagen. Featuring woven leathers and metallic threads they are too good to resist and I will be investing in one very soon, once I can make up my mind as to which one....

images via here and here

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Another year has started. I can't believe how quickly it has come around. This time last year I was planning my epic trip to europe, what an adventure that was and one which heightened my love for design in general. So another year starts and thus begins the new forecast of trends in design. At a recent party, I was fortunate to meet an incredibly talented designer who happens to be Tom Dixon's right hand man, and he told me that copper is on the out! Which only confirms really, that one should never invest too much into trends. My philosophy is to keep the base pallette simple, invest in key furniture pieces, rugs and lighting; don't be trend driven here, it will date all too quickly. Then layer with objects that can bring in those punches of colour, texture and/or metallic finishes into a space.

So what is going to be big on the agenda this year? Well I still think the return to more artisanal crafts will continue, with ceramics and weavings. Boy I am such a fan of a beautiful piece of pottery. I have invested quite a bit on some in the past year. They certainly add a layer of warmth and texture to my home, while supporting the artists of this very important craft. Along with the aforementioned, I feel that natural materials, marbles, timbers, leathers etc will continue to make their way into homes. Paint colours for walls, furniture and objects will still feature, soft sages, peaches, and dusty pinks but I think dark bolder colors such as deep greens and blues will present themselves too.


Plastics may come in to the fore with the use of 3d printing technology creating different and obscure pieces especially in the realm of lighting. Combining plastic with the use of old techniques such as crocheting brings a modern twist to an old art form.

So I shall leave it at there and I will re read this post at the end of the year and see how right or wrong I turn out to be! Happy New Year!

images via here, here and here

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I can't get enough of these guys, every object and interior is just utterly sublime. I have a few of their items in my own home and can testify that they are truly works of art. I have just recently purchased the "Milk' lamp, pictured below, and I am rather smitten with it. The attention to detail is just beautiful and the way you can easily adjust the level of lighting makes it such a feature in the space. Below are some more examples of their stunning work and more pieces that I am lusting after!

Milk Lamp for &tradition

Bottle Grinders for Menu Project

Bath Collection for Menu

Porcelain Cups in Nordic Colours

Raft Stool for &tradition

Stunning Host restaurant

Conversion of Historic Building

The stunning Fredensborg House

Amazing aren't they? They certainly inspire me. Check out their website here for more.

All images via Norm Architects

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


One of my all time favourite finishes is marble. I  think I like any product that is in a natural state like timber or leather or yarns etc. The incredible thing about marble is the longevity of it as a product. Where man made products will break down over time, marble will continue to thrive and patina with age. Just take a trip through Europe to see! Marble is a very versatile material and is constantly used in new and inspiring ways. I love how marble can be an inclusion in everyday items to furnish your home. Here are some of my favourite objects that combine marble with other equally beautiful materials;

Combining copper and marble doesn't get any lovelier. One of my favorite objects at home are these gorgeous Chunk candle holders by Menu

These lovely little wall hooks are made from untreated ash with a polished marble inlay. Found via The Coolhunter

This magazine rack is completely drool worthy! Tan leather and marble collide in the most stylish way. Seriously lusting after this for my own home! Saddle Magazine Rack by Noble & Wood

Is this the most divine material pallet? Marble, timber and cork. Stunning Varia Tableware by Gaia Bottari

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


As an Interior Designer and an extreme lover of all things design, which well borders on obsession really, I come across so many different brands. One of my favourites is the Danish firm Hay. As an avid enthusiast of Scandinavian design and mid century modern, I really feel their designs evoke timeless appeal and are well considered with a little bit of fun. As I get older I am realising the importance of longevity in design and that buying a piece of furniture should be well considered, not what's trendy at the time. This ethos is spot on with the philosophies of Scandinavian culture and why their homes are so beautifully furnished. So I am not settling for anything, I am saving up for that Mags sofa!

I love the styling in all their shots, the large scale blocks of colour are wonderful. A highlight of mine was visiting Hay House in Copenhagen. It was just beautiful! All images are via Hay.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I am lusting after some ceramic pieces by Kat and Roger pretty badly at the moment! The pair come from Los Angeles and their work is influenced by their Californian surroundings and the city itself. I also think they have quite a mid century vibe going on and thus would make the perfect addition to my mid century pad! Their works can be found at Douglas and Bec here in Australia. 

images via K&R


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