Wednesday, July 30, 2014


As an Interior Designer and an extreme lover of all things design, which well borders on obsession really, I come across so many different brands. One of my favourites is the Danish firm Hay. As an avid enthusiast of Scandinavian design and mid century modern, I really feel their designs evoke timeless appeal and are well considered with a little bit of fun. As I get older I am realising the importance of longevity in design and that buying a piece of furniture should be well considered, not what's trendy at the time. This ethos is spot on with the philosophies of Scandinavian culture and why their homes are so beautifully furnished. So I am not settling for anything, I am saving up for that Mags sofa!

I love the styling in all their shots, the large scale blocks of colour are wonderful. A highlight of mine was visiting Hay House in Copenhagen. It was just beautiful! All images are via Hay.

Friday, July 25, 2014


I am lusting after some ceramic pieces by Kat and Roger pretty badly at the moment! The pair come from Los Angeles and their work is influenced by their Californian surroundings and the city itself. I also think they have quite a mid century vibe going on and thus would make the perfect addition to my mid century pad! Their works can be found at Douglas and Bec here in Australia. 

images via K&R

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have long made it known that I am a fan of the beautiful Armadillo & Co rug range. I posted about my rug lust here and on my wishlist here. I also own the stunning daisy weave and have a couple from the junior collections put aside for two little rooms that need refurbishing in my house. Coincidentally I blogged about my friends stunning home here where some of the junior collection was shot along with some of their other rugs. The ranges just continue to inspire and I am loving all the new designs they come out with. But I also really like the simplicity of their neutral woven rugs and will be purchasing one very shortly for my lounge room.

Keep up the stunning work Armadillo & Co.

the oh so pretty geranium

check out their website here for more rug loveliness!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


One of my favourite colourways at the moment is blush. It really softens an interior and sits well with so many combinations of colours. I think it works really well with natural tones, greys, marble, mint, tan leather and copper. I will be incorporating this colour into my own home in the way of soft furnishings and accessories.

Mia table lamp by Danese, image via here

Mirror La Vie en Rose, image via here

Esther Stewart artwork, image via here

gorgeous blush upholstery, image via here

Sally England weaving, image via here

Acne purse, image via here

Hay DLM table in powder, image via here


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