Monday, May 2, 2011


Good morning all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have been lusting after a sculptural wall light for ages. There is nothing as beautiful as the Jean Prouve 'Potence' wall light. It is absolutely stunning. But then so are most of Prouve's works. Having admired a number of his designs over the years I realised I did not know very much about this talented man. Jean Prouve was born in France as his name suggests, and was a metal worker by trade and a self taught Architect and designer. Here is a snippet about the talented designer taken from the Vitra Design Museum website -

Today, Prouvé is prized as one of the most innovative architectural and furniture draftsman of the 20th century. Thanks to his technical knowledge of production, he consistently developed detachable, light constructions - from small barracks to large halls, multifunctional facade systems as well as movable or dismountable, extremely solid furniture. As a consequence of the increasing enthusiasm for technology in recent years Prouvé's influential inventions in building construction and simple industrial functional furniture have been acknowledged once again and hence experienced a renewed appreciation.

Prouve was also the president of the design jury in 1971 for the Centre Pompidou, and played an important role in the selection of Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano for the winning, now very iconic, design in Paris. The following images are a selection of just some of his amazing works..

'Antony' armchair 1954

'Standard' chair 1934

'Gueridon' table 1949
images via Vitra

'Dismountable House' 1945
image via The Imagist

'Cafeteria' table 1953
image via Architect Lines

'Potence' wall lamp 1950 - still in production through Vitra. So so stunning!
image via Bonluxat

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