Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have a huge crush at the moment on every weaving produced by the very talented Maryanne Moodie, an Australian who has recently located to Brooklyn. They are all so unique and the colour pallets are all just beautiful. Moodie is producing beginner weaving kits to purchase and I would really to give it a go. A beautiful weaving in the home really adds character and warmth. Here are some of my favourites;

all images via Maryanne Moodie

Also do check out Maryanne's gorgeous little apartment over at DesignSponge, it is just lovely and has me severely dreaming of moving to New York!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


In less than two weeks my little family of three will be heading off to Europe. The excitement is really starting to build! Our first stop is Rome, then a week in Tuscany with some beautiful friends before heading to Florence. After our Italian leg we will drive through to Liechtenstein, Germany and the Czech Republic. So as if that isn't amazing enough itself, we then get to head to Stockholm and Copenhagen! These two cities have been on my wish list for a very long time and I can't believe I finally get to visit! I have long loved not only the landscape but the design philosophies this region encapsulates. Along with Mid-century design, Scandinavian design influences me daily through work and play. So to be among design that I have truly admired for years is just going to blow my socks off! And this church, well to walk in there will be a lifelong dream fulfilled. 

Grundtvig's Church Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


This has to be one of my most favourite and revered chair. It is on my wishlist for our newly refurbished study. I think this take on the classic bentwood is even more stunning. While the Thonet and Ton pieces are classics, they have been used to death everywhere and there are so many copies out there, that they just look a little common now. This chair is a fresh take and even more beautiful in my opinion. It is the Fontal Chair by Oscar Tusquets Blanca

images via here


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