Thursday, July 19, 2012


My house is in a continual state of repairs. We moved into our home almost 3 years ago. The first home my husband and I have owned together. It's mid-century with beautiful north facing windows that overlooks a pond across the road. I love living here so much, but the endless list of things we need to do to this old house of ours can get a little overwhelming. But in saying that I also get overly excited by the things we can do to it, and boy it is starting to look like a different house to when we moved in. My husband always says to me I am happiest with a paint brush in my hand! It is true! Whilst we are still in the depths of winter over here in Australia, my mind is wandering to the warm weather that awaits us. So I am keen to get moving on renovating our backyard into more of a place that I want to hang out in and relax. Especially now that by the time summer comes our little man will be 2! I can see us spending endless hours outdoors!

I have put together some images that inspire me for our outdoor space. Big on the agenda is building a deck and hopefully slidng/bifold doors to our back patio area. Then we will need, a large table, chairs etc etc!

Gosh it is fun to plan! Enjoy...

this image has my heart a flutter, this is very similar to how our deck and doors could look. Could we build in a day bed too? Hmmm..

extreme door love

Lerod Chair from Stylecraft

Tio Chair by Mass Productions

Ikea PS Vago Chair. At $40 AUD it is extremely affordable and a great chair for relaxing with cocktail in hand!

images via Pinterest

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  1. love that first pic. I am trying to get my outdoor area sorted too!



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